World Trade Center Relief Efforts

On September 11th, 2001, our world and our lives were changed forever. The Gramercy Park Block Association was privileged to help in the days and months following September 11th. Our relief effort at the 13th Precinct command center included preparing and serving thousands of meals, providing shelter and distributing critical supplies to our police, fire and emergency units, and to hundreds of visiting police, fire and rescue units who poured into New York from around the country to assist and support workers at Ground Zero. The bonds we formed then became permanent, and our support for first reponders continues to this day.

Overview of the GPBA’s WTC Response

Part 1: 9/11 and the Immediate Aftermath

Part 2: Gramercy Park Community’s Reponse

Part 3: Remembering our Heroes

Part 4: We will Never Forget

GPBA World Trade Center Initiatives

Outdoor Memorial Concerts

For years, GPBA has supported the Law Enforcement Explorers program, providing young men and women from diverse communities with an introduction to careers in law enforcement or the criminal justice system.

Remembrance Concert

Neighbors participate in Epiphany Church’s “Adopt a Family” for Christmas, which benefits family violence prevention, emergency shelter for women and children and formerly homeless individuals.

Memorial Garden

Annual Backpack Drive when neighbors donate backpacks filled with educational supplies to distribute to children living in city shelters before the beginning of the school year

Olive Leaf Program

GPBA supports The Brotherhood Synagogue’s book drive for Project Cicero, providing new and gently used books for kids (kindergarten through high school) in under-resourced NYC schools.

Calvary Church Vigil

The Brotherhood Synagogue Men’s Shelter runs January through March. GPBA sponsors this program, and has clothing drives to provide socks, scarves, hats, gloves for shelter guests.

Serving Meals to WTC Responders

St. George’s Common Table serves a weekly hot lunch to about 125 individuals in need.  GPBA sponsors this program, and has held pantry drives to provide essential food and supplies.

E-Men Videos

The Block Association developed a video series documenting NYPD Emergency Service Detectives’ memories of their 14 fellow officers who died on 9/11.  These videos were created so that the children of the fallen officers could learn more about the lives lived and the dedication and bravery shown by their parent who lost their life on 9/11.

Tribute Videos Overview

Tribute to Sgt. John Coughlin

Tribute to P.O. Steve Driscoll

ESU Truck 4 Remembers 9/11

Tribute to Sgt. Rodney Gillis

Tribute to Sgt. Michael Curtin

Tribute to Det. Danny Richards

Bomb Squad Remembers 9/11

Tribute to Brian McDonnell

Tribute to P.O. Walter Weaver

Tribute to Vinnie Danz

Photo Galleries

2021 Remembrance Ceremony

2017 Remembrance Ceremony

2019 Remembrance Ceremony

2016 Remembrance Ceremony

2018 Remembrance Ceremony

Tribute Posters