Project LIFT

Since 1989, our Gramercy Park community has supported the LIFT Study Program, which provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, clothing and other support services for homeless/at-risk children living in homeless shelters.

The GPBA has supported LIFT students in the following ways:

+ Sponsored GPBA Scholars – annual scholarships for year-round study and summer programs

+ Furnished laptops for remote learning

+ Provided backpacks filled with school supplies

+ Provided clothing, books, and educational materials

+ Mentored and tutored LIFT students

+ Sponsored tickets for LIFT students to see performances

+ Helped raise money to fund college tuition for LIFT student

GPBA Scholars

Laptops for Remote Learning

Backpacks and School Supplies

Mentored and Tutored LIFT Students

Helped Fund College Tuition

Sponsored Other Initiatives