Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #575
Gramercy Park Update
Cobblestone thresholds installed at the
North and South gates of Gramercy Park
Park Trustee Arlene Harrison, President of the Gramercy Park Block Association, stands at the north gate of Gramercy Park, where a new cobblestone threshold has been installed. 

Gramercy Park north fence repair finally underway
Park Trustee Harrison meets with architectural custom metal fabricator Setrak Agonian, President of International Creative Metal, who will be repairing the Gramercy Park fence.
As you may know, in June 2012 a taxi crashed into the north side of the Park fence. In order to receive proper compensation for the fence repair, the Trustees were in court for quite some time. We are delighted to report that a meticulous and historically sensitive restoration of that portion of the fence is now underway.

36 Gramercy Park East undertaking major restoration project

We enjoy an excellent relationship with the board of 36 Gramercy Park East and their president Michael Del Giudice.  They have been working closely with us and are respectful on issues that impact our neighbors' quality of life.


Throughout their restoration project they have gone to great lengths to respect the historical integrity of Gramercy Park.  When scaffolding is removed at the end of the year, some of the improvements will include:
  • Fully restored/waterproofed terra cotta facade 
  • Rebuilt  roof cornice and decorative terra cotta soldiers at top of the building
  • Major repairs to rear (east side) of the building, including restoration of ornate sheet metal window bays
  • Completely replaced roof
Click here to read a detailed description of the 36GPE project by Del Giudice.



Scaffolding being erected around Gramercy Park Hotel

Under Local Law 11, owners of buildings higher than 6 stories must retain an architect or engineer to inspect their fašades every 5 years.  Based on the inspection, a report must be filed documenting findings and making  recommendations of any required repairs in order to maintain a building's exterior in a safe condition. Click here to read more. 

18 Gramercy Park South  vs  50 Gramercy Park North
Residential smackdown: The gleaming new condo towers that are edging out yesterday's "it" towers
A match-up of Manhattan developments and the buildings they're replacing 
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