Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #552
9/11 Memorial Museum Dedicated Today
Our Gramercy Park Community Remembers 

Below is an excerpt from a New York Post article by Former FDNY Commissioner Tom Von Essen, whose visit to the September 11 Memorial Museum triggered emotions. 
Von Essen speaks about the remains of Ladder 3 truck, and the loss of Capt. Paddy Brown and his 11 men from Ladder 3, the company that serves our community. Paddy Brown was our dear friend, and was always proud to show Ladder 3's truck to our children at our annual National Night Out with the 13th Precinct.  
We promised the families who lost their loved ones that we'd never forget. 


"One of the most poignant exhibits - the one that hit me in the gut and brought me back to the loss and heroism of that day - is the remains of Ladder 3.


The front of the cab is totally destroyed.


I immediately thought of Ladder 3 Capt. Pat Brown, who lost all the men on his day and night tour that day. What a leader he was, Paddy Brown. He was a teacher, a motivator.

For me, it's all about the people. Paddy Brown was a decorated FDNY hero well before 9/11. He was a Vietnam War veteran.


Men who weren't even scheduled to work that day would follow him into that burning tower. They would follow him anywhere. Now he and all his men were gone.


Ladder 3 is a wreck when you see it. It brings back searing memories to think all the people we lost."

Gramercy Park Remembers  

Our community's response to the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster 

Click on images below to read a four-part booklet of articles and photos detailing our Gramercy Park community's response.

Includes speech given by Arlene Harrison each year for several years at the
GPBA's Annual World Trade Center Remembrance Concert. 

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