Trustees of Gramercy Park - Neighborhood News #458 
Two new trees planted on Gramercy Park South 


This week is the First Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.  During that storm, 2 large street trees on the southeast sidewalk outside of Gramercy Park were toppled. Yesterday Bartlett Tree Experts, who care for and  maintain the Gramercy Park trees, replaced them with 2 graceful Callery Pear Trees.  

Since the 2 tree gardens were bookended by the same species, we decided to match the 2 new trees to the 2 existing ones on either side.  These existing trees were planted in 2011 after Hurricane "Irene" and have grown several feet since then.  Our goal was to find 2 Callery Pear trees as close in size to the existing trees as possible.  However, there were size limitations concerning the root ball fitting into the tree pit. 

Another street tree on the southwest sidewalk outside the Park was also destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. We are searching for an appropriate tree to plant in that tree pit. 
Left to right- Tree on SE corner planted 2011, next 2 trees planted 10/28/13