Trustees of Gramercy Park - Neighborhood News #369
Gramercy Park Tree Maintenance Program

Bartlett Tree Experts were in the Park this week for our annual Park Tree Maintenance Program. 


Bartlett's work includes spraying our fruit trees, deep-root liquid fertilization, and deep root invigoration of the various trees they have selected.


Twice each year they take test samples of our Park trees.  Based on their soil analysis they prescribe a specific ingredient for fertilization called Soil RX.  This process is called deep-root liquid fertilization and is given to all our trees and shrubbery.


Each year, they assess all our trees for visual signs of diminished capacity for growth, discolored foliage and branch deterioration. This spring, based on their analysis they have selected 7 trees for deep-root invigoration.  


This 4000-year-old system (it used to be known as "tilling the earth") now involves aerating the root system with special equipment and regenerating organic matter back into the soil.  A supersonic air spade is used so as not to damage the feeder roots.  


This year, a new element of the program was the addition of wood chips, which are charred without oxygen, and become similar to charcoal. The chips are then spread around the root system, and absorb and hold moisture and minerals from the ground. When they decompose later in the season, they release the elements back into the soil.

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