Trustees of Gramercy Park - Neighborhood News #337
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Thursday; April 4, 2013 
Palm Sunday Procession in Gramercy Park
Photo by Stan Oakes
Park Trustees Rev. Tom Pike and Arlene Harrison welcome Calvary-St. George's Rev. Jacob Smith and Warden Bill Goetz into Gramercy Park on Palm Sunday. 

Once again the Trustees of Gramercy Park welcomed Calvary-St. George's Church parishioners, led by 
the Reverend Jacob Smith, into Gramercy Park to gather for their annual Palm Sunday Procession from the Park to the church.  


Park Trustee, Calvary-St. George's Rector Emeritus Rev. Tom Pike and Trustee Arlene Harrison stood at the west gate of the Park and welcomed the parishioners. 
"This Palm Sunday's Procession was particularly special this year because so many residents of the buildings around the Park took palms and joined the procession," said Harrison.  "It was by far the largest Palm Sunday Procession that we have seen in recent years."


"The Trustees are delighted to see a vibrant community around the Parkand are very pleased to continue this tradition of welcoming our neighbor Calvary-St. George's into the Park," said Pike.  "It is especially nice to see the Rev. Jacob Smith and his family here, because they have become such an important part of our community." 


Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, which culminated on Easter Sunday, March 31st.  


Photo by Stan Oakes
Calvary-St. George's parishioners proceed around Gramercy Park.
Photo by Stan Oakes 
Calvary-St. George's Music Director Kamel Boutros with musicians and choir members
Photo by Stan Oakes
Rev. Jacob Smith, his wife Melina and their children Sophia and Henry

Photo by Stan Oakes
Calvary-St. George's Parishioners from the Young Adult Institute for people with developmental and learning disabilities
 Photo by Stan Oakes 
Parishioners from St. Ann's Church for the Deaf hold up their palms