Clean Streets

Armed with brooms, litter bags, and shovels, the Gramercy Park Block Association’s Clean Streets program keeps our historic neighborhood looking good for all of those who live, work, and visit here.

Our team of professional cleaners:

+ Sweep sidewalks and curbs 2-3 times a day

+ Empty and sanitize trash receptacles 2-3 times a day

+ Remove graffiti and stickers

+ Paint lampposts, mailboxes, fire hydrants, planters, tree garden fences, muni-meters, parking signs and other street fixtures

+ Unclog sewer drains and sweep puddles when it rains

+ Shovel snow

+ Sanitize surfaces

+ Powerwash heavily trafficked areas

They clean both sides of the street on:

+ Gramercy Park East and Gramercy Park West

+ Gramercy Park North and Gramercy Park South from Third Avenue to Park Avenue South

+ Lexington Avenue from 21st Street to 22nd Street

+ Irving Place from 19th Street to 20th Street