Clean Streets

Armed with brooms, litter bags, and shovels, the Gramercy Park Block Association’s Clean Streets program keeps our historic neighborhood looking good for all of those who live, work, and visit here.

Eight hours a day, seven days a week, the GPBA’s team of professional cleaners will keep our neighborhood clean by:

+ Sweeping up Litter from Sidewalks

+ Removing Graffiti and Stickers from Street Fixtures

+ Painting Lampposts, Mailboxes, Fire Hydrants, Planters, Tree Garden Fences, Muni-Meters and other Street Fixtures

+ Maintaining Litter Receptacles

+ Sanitizing Surfaces

+ Unclogging Drains and Sweeping Puddles in Rain

+ Shoveling Snow from Intersections

+ Powerwashing Heavily Trafficked Areas