GPBA's 20th History - A look back in history

Over 100 species of birds in Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park can be appreciated on many levels. It carries historic preservation responsibilities, provides a place to display horticultural expertise and beauty, anchors a neighborhood and shelters thousands of migratory birds every year."
 - Dennis and Sandy Kisiel
Gramercy Park Birders
Former neighbors, 34 Gramercy Park East 

The GPBA worked closely with former neighbors Dennis and Sandy Kisiel to distribute their valuable information about birds in Gramercy Park to our neighbors.
Our Red-Tailed Hawk in Gramercy Park
which our neighbors voted to name 'Ruggles' 

A Red-tailed Hawk has been seen the last couple of days in Gramercy Park. It is supposedly one of the largest birds seen in North America...

Last week week I sent an e-mail about a Red-tailed Hawk spotted in Gramercy Park. Our wonderful neighbors Dennis and Sandy Kisiel...

Our Red-tailed Hawk has been spending quite a bit of time in Gramercy Park lately. He was recently spotted perched on the head of the...

The morning after we sent our last e-mail about the Red-tailed Hawk he made a surprise guest appearance on my apartment air conditioner...

Hundreds of you suggested names for our Gramercy Park Red-tailed Hawk. The top three suggested names were Ruggles, Edwin, and ...

A new young Red-tailed Hawk appeared last week in Gramercy Park. The photo below, taken by our neighbor Alan Kleinberg, shows the Hawk ...

DNAinfo  3/6/12
A red-tailed hawk who has visited Gramercy Park over the past two years has been spotted again