Trustees of Gramercy Park - Neighborhood News #553
Gramercy Park Project Update
With the most welcome change in weather, many of you have been inquiring about the following:

North fence repair
In June 2012, a taxi crashed into the north side of the Park fence. In order to receive proper compensation for the fence repair, we have been in court for quite some time. We are delighted to report that a meticulous and historically sensitive restoration of that portion of the fence should be completed by July 1st.

Gravel replacement

Thank you for the many compliments we have received about the improvement in the Park's appearance with the replacement of the Park gravel with a finer quality washed gravel in various neutral tones.  Today some gravel will be removed, and the remaining gravel rolled to make it more compact and easier for walking, jogging, wheelchairs and strollers. The Park will be closed today until work is completed.
Cobblestone threshold installation
We are now installing the threshold at the south gate, which will make a more functional entry for work trucks and park users, and
will protect the Park gates. When work at the south gate is completed, work will begin at the north gate.  The entire project should take approximately one month, and gates will be padlocked as needed.

Tree gardens surrounding the Park
Today we will begin planting the 41 tree gardens with dragon leaf begonias, the same hearty variety that was widely admired last summer. 



Repair of Park benches
More benches than ever (approx 45) are in various stages of disrepair. This is due largely to this winter's brutal weather conditions, which caused the wood to soften, making it more susceptible to the squirrels' gnawing.  Over the next couple months, several benches at a time will be removed for repair.

Planting four flower beds

The spectacular tulips are done flowering and the bulbs will now be dug out, and the soil fertilized. In early June the beds will be planted with a pattern of field flowers with two blue beds, one yellow and one white.