Trustees of Gramercy Park - Neighborhood News #550
Spring in Gramercy Park


Gramercy Park Gravel Replacement and Threshold Installation



The Trustees of Gramercy Park will begin the second phase of a major historically sensitive improvement to the Park.


Last week we replaced the gravel on the Park path surfaces with a finer quality washed gravel in various neutral tone shades. Toward the end of this week, the gravel will be rolled to make it more compact, and then combed with a leaf rake.


The second part of the project will be the installation of cobblestone thresholds across the entrances to the North and South gates, which will begin at the south gate tomorrow, Wednesday 4/14 (weather permitting), and will be completed in approximately one month.  


The installation of these thresholds will preserve the historic integrity of the Park by protecting the Park gates, which are easily damaged when pulled through the gravel to allow for entry of work trucks.  It will create a more functional entry for both trucks and park users.  When the thresholds are completed, gravel will be added around their edges.


During the course of the project, we will padlock the gates as needed. There may be some disruption on the sidewalk since the crew will be working from the curb into the Park.  


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.