Trustees of Gramercy Park - Neighborhood News #539
Annual Spring Cleanup of Gramercy Park 
Park Trustees Tom Pike and Arlene Harrison welcome the Boag Nurseries crew into Gramercy Park for the Trustees' annual Spring cleanup of the Park.


Mike Boag of Boag Nurseries and his crew recently came to Gramercy Park for their annual Spring cleanup.


They removed all debris and foreign material from the Park, particularly around the edges next to the fence.  They pruned the ornamental trees and shrubs, removing any overgrowth, and dead or damaged branches.  After that, they edged the beds to give them a clean groomed appearance. This year there was very little damage to Park plantings and there were very few replacements of boxwoods.  


All natural organic fertilizer was then applied to the trees and shrubs to promote better root growth and moisture retention.  This will provide them nutrients for a more lush green color.  They also applied holly tone to the shrubbery.   

Last fall, the lawn areas had a bad infestation of an invasive weed, which was sprayed at that time.  We are now cultivating the soil to re-establish the lawn areas throughout the Park. These areas will then be aerated and re-seeded.  


Please see photos below:  


Mike Boag