NYPD Partnership: World Trade Center

E-MEN  video series 

Project concept developed by GPBA, documenting NYPD Emergency Service Detectives' memories of 14 fellow officers who died on 9/11.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: 

Backpack and School Supply Drive

We thank our Gramercy Park neighbors for donating dozens of backpacks and supplies for city shelter children 
Lansing Clark delivers donations to 34GP

Special thanks to:
Alyson & Richard Breier
Susanna Porter, James and Lansing Clark
Trish and Louis Hagood, and Max
Robert Koehl
Sue & Sidney Stein
and our many anonymous donors

Since 1989, the Gramercy Park community has been involved in Project LIFT. LIFT provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, medical care, clothing and other support services for homeless/at-risk children living in city shelters.
Gramercy Park Real Estate:

Union Square Coffee Shop owner is renting Parisian-style townhouse at 11 Gramercy Park South for $40K/month

Gramercy Park Real Estate:

Interior renovation inspired by 19th-century Aesthetic Movement 

in 1883 "The Gramercy" ( 34 Gramercy Park) oldest coop in New York

Gramercy Park History:

Tour of The Player's on Gramercy Park


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