NYPD Partnership:
Photo: Shannon Nallan

On Thursday, June 14th at the National Arts Club, Gramercy Park Block Association President Arlene Harrison joined with neighbors and Blue Lives Matter Founder/President Sgt. Joey Imperatrice to remember fallen NYPD Officers .    Read more. 
Trustees of Gramercy Park:
Four flower beds in center of the Park planted for summer
The beds in the center of the Park were planted with more grasses and larger perennials in blue, violet, white and yellow to create a "field of flowers" effect.

Trustees of Gramercy Park:
41 Tree gardens surrounding Gramercy Park planted with begonias
In 2010, the Gramercy Park Block Association restored and planted the 41 tree gardens surrounding Gramercy Park, including:
  • Wrought iron fence and cobblestone were restored
  • Iron boxes installed
  • Seasonal planting schedule set up

Trustees of Gramercy Park:
Hazard lights on Park fence replaced
The LED hazard lights were originally installed on the North and South gates in 2012 after a taxi cab crashed into the Park fence, and after several incidents in previous years.  

These lights have been running 24/7 since then, and have begun to burn out.  Thank you to former Gramercy Park neighbor  Sal Rusi whose company Allran Electric installed them at no cost, and have now replaced them. 

Over the years, working with the 13th Precinct, Community Board 6, Department of Transportation, and the Mayor's office,  the Gramercy Park Block Association has help enact  measures to improve traffic safety around Gramercy Park, including

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