Gramercy Park Christmas Tree Arrives next Tuesday 12/1/15!

In keeping with an over 40-year tradition, the tree is being provided by the Boag family of Seaside Park, NJ.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,
Thanks to all of you who have donated and/or made a pledge to our Gramercy Park Block Association's 2015 campaign We are making progress and I want to encourage those who have not yet responded to   donate/pledge online here.  If you have already donated and/or made a pledge, we deeply appreciate your support!

As the holidays approach, we will focus our energies on one of the GPBA's most beloved programs --   Neighbors Helping Neighbors where our Gramercy Park community can work together to give back to less fortunate neighbors. See below a few of our many Neighbors Helping Neighbors projects.
XO Arlene
Neighbors Helping Neighbors: 
Thanksgiving Dinner at Kenmore Hall on 11/20/15 

Kenmore Hall is now a model of supportive housing for low-income, formerly homeless, frail elderly, chronically ill, disabled, people with HIV/AIDS, veterans, and the GPBA's Neighbors Helping Neighbors remains supportive of the residents throughout the year.

Upcoming Annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors Projects

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