Founder of Gramercy Park - Samuel B. Ruggles
Preserving Gramercy Park History 

As part of the GPBA's plan for the Future of Gramercy Park, we are creating Gramercy Park archives featuring books, articles, photos, videos, recordings and other documents related to Gramercy Park's history.

NYC history podcast "The Bowery Boys" has produced an informative overview of Gramercy Park's unique history, its prominent residents, and a virtual walking tour of the neighborhood.

Preserving Gramercy Park History

19th Century Gramercy Park: 
Cyrus W. Field Mansion -- where 1 Lexington Ave now stands

Samuel B. Ruggles' ambitious plan to transform part of the old Gramercy Farm into an "elite residential enclave" was well under way when Cyrus West Field and his attorney brother, David Dudley Field, purchased side-by-side lots at the northeast corner of Lexington Ave and 21st St.

Trustees of Gramercy Park Tree & Shrub Maintenance: Deep Root Invigoration

Bartlett Tree Experts are in Gramercy Park today and tomorrow for our annual Park Tree Maintenance Program. 

Each year, they assess all our trees for visual signs of diminished capacity for growth, discolored foliage and branch deterioration. 

This spring, based on their analysis they have selected several trees for deep-root invigoration. This 4000-year-old system (it used to be known as "tilling the earth") now involves aerating the root system with special equipment and regenerating organic matter back into the soil. A supersonic air spade is used so as not to damage the feeder roots.

The Gramercy Park Block Association
34 Gramercy Park East, NY, NY 10003

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