Harrison runs a tight ship managing Gramercy Park.

How the mayor of Gramercy Park keeps New York's most exclusive spot private 

JANUARY 22, 2015


Gramercy Park Neighbors Jimmy Fallon and Jim Parsons
"Best Celebrity Neighbors"

by Dan Orlando
January 23, 2015

Jimmy Fallon
"We really love having Jimmy and his wonderful family here. He's a great guy and is very supportive of the work of our Gramercy Park Block Association. When Hurricane Sandy hit for example, he contributed to the complete reconstruction of three of our local detective's homes," Harrison said, "He really stepped up to the plate when we needed him."

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak

"They're big fans of the park and our Block Association. They live in a very historic building and go out of their way to give both time and support to their building's meticulous restoration."

"Fallon and Parsons are terrific neighbors, and since they have both have recently expanded their real estate on Gramercy Park, we hope they are planning to stay here for many years to come," added Harrison.

Snow in Gramercy Park - January 27, 2015

Take a walk through Gramercy Park with Gramercy Park Mayor Arlene Harrison

On the Market:
34 Gramercy Park former home of Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of OZ 

The Gramercy Park Block Association
34 Gramercy Park East, NY, NY 10003