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About Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is a private ornamental park and surrounding residential district created in 1831 under a deed established by Samuel B. Ruggles, who vested the title to the Park in the Trustees. Mr. Ruggles granted the owners of surrounding residential lots and all subsequent owners “the right and privilege to frequent, use, and enjoy the Park as an easement to their respective lots.” The Park is managed by the “Park Trust” which consists of five lifetime Trustees. The conditions of Ruggles’ original 1831 deed still govern the Park today. Its provisions include an annual assessment imposed on each of the Lots to cover annual operating expenses and capital improvement projects. Park keys are annually provided to the owners of each of the surrounding Lots. The buildings on the Park have between 1-4 lots based on their Park frontage.

Under the direct supervision of the Park Trustees GPBA provides
Administrative Services to Gramercy Park

In 1831 Samuel B. Ruggles entrusted us with an extraordinary gift – 2 acres of land that make up Gramercy Park, and the Lots that surround it. Under the stewardship of the Park Trustees, the conditions of Ruggles’ original 1831 deed still govern the Park today. An annual assessment to the 39 Lot Owner buidings covers Park operating expenses and capital improvements.

Under the supervision of the Park Trustees, the GPBA provides administrative services, managing the following:

Community and Public Relations • Distribution of Park keys • Lot Owner Assessments • Quality of Life Issues • Park Operations • Communications • Fundraising • Events