June 22, 2019 dataharvest

Four Flower Beds in Center of Gramercy Park

The four flower Beds in the center of Gramercy Park have been planted with flowers and grasses to create a field effect.

In each bed the flowers are color coded: 1 white, 1 yellow/orange, and 2 in shades of blues lavenders and purple.

Earlier each season, Landscaper Anthony Bulfamante, Park Gardener Amando Flores and Park Project Manager Kathleen Scupp collaborate on the variety of the plantings to be placed in each bed. They base it on color, new variety of plants to be added and the performance of plants used of the previous years. As the season progresses they continue to tweak the beds with clusters of flowers and grasses from the Union Square Market.

This concept, which we have continued for about five years, is well received. The fields seem to add movement in the breeze and also attract butterflies and bees to the Park.