May 23, 2019 dataharvest

Planting Report by Park Project Manager Kathleen Scupp

The 41 tree gardens surrounding the Park are planted with 800 Big Leaf Begonia plants. Each pit is a mixture of red and pink flowers with brown and green leaves, intermixed with 400 Liriope plants. We found that this variety is more resilient to the dog traffic around the Park . The large size of the plant fills each area and and the blooms continue until early Fall.

The park monuments, which include the two iron urns and the white stone well head, are filled with a mixture of 150 red Caliope and 75 red Caliente Geraniums. Trailing Vinca is added to the mix.

The “Purple Patch” on the east side of the Park is blooming with purple Aliums and Blue Bells. Each Fall new Alium bulbs are added to the existing display. This is always a beautiful calming garden.