August 6, 2020 Alex Nguyen

Park Update following Tropical Storm Isaias

Our priority is safety.
Our hope is that the Park will reopen by Monday, August 10th
Video: Gramercy Park Trustee Arlene Harrison reviews storm damage with Park Caretaker Amando Flores
The following information comes from a report by Park Project Manager Kathleen Scupp, working with Bartlett Tree Experts and Park Caretaker Amando Flores
Yesterday Bartlett Tree Experts met with Park Project Manager Kathleen Scupp and Park Caretaker Amando Flores to assess the damage from Tropical Storm Isaias, including fallen trees, debris removal and tree damage recovery.
At the shed, the beautiful magnolia tree roots are broken at the ball and the entire tree must be removed.
In the northwest quadrant, the standing section of the damaged ash tree cannot be saved and will be removed.
The ash tree fell on and crushed the viburnum. When the debris is removed, the viburnum trunk will be cut near the base in hopes of its recovery.
At that time we can also determine if there is any damage caused to the iron fence. A park bench is broken and we will determine whether it can be repaired.
The fallen fringe tree at the west gate will be cut back in the hopes of rising again.
Unfortunately this storm damage occurred to some of our very special trees.