May 8, 2020 Alex Nguyen

Gramercy Park Block Association Deliver Meals and Face Shields to Local First Responders

On Thursday, May 7th, the Gramercy Park Block Association joined with Guan Yang, Gramercy Park neighbor and organizer of the NYC Makes PPE project, to deliver meals and 300 face shields to NYPD 13th Precinct, Emergency Service #1 and Patrol Borough Manhattan South personnel. at 230 East 21st Street.
To further support First Responders who are helping to keep us safe, our goal now is to deliver 2,500 face shields to the ten Precincts in Patrol Borough Manhattan South, from 59th Street to Battery Park.

NYC Makes PPE is a group of fifty volunteers who came together to address the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage, and so far have distributed over 30,000 face shields and fabric masks directly to hospitals, nursing homes and first responders in New York City.

“Our deepest gratitude goes to all those who are risking their lives every day to help us stay safe.” said GPBA President Arlene Harrison. “Today we want to show our local First Responders our love, gratitude, and support during this incredibly challenging time.”
“Special thanks to Assistant Chief Stephen J. Hughes, Commanding Officer of PBMS, Deputy Chief Sal Comodo, Executive Officer of PBMS, Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman, Commanding Officer of the 13th Precinct, and Police Officer Genya Allen for her assistance. I’d also like to thank Gramercy Park neighbor Marissa Stoll for her donation of face shields, as well as 13th Precinct Detective Vincent Arlotta and GPBA Katheen Scupp for their help,” said Harrison.



Thanks so much to you, Mr Yang and NYC Make PPE for supplying 300 Face Shields to the 13th Precinct, Emergency Service #1 and Patrol Borough Manhattan South personnel. These quality Face Shields provide unbelievable protection for our Supervisors and Police Officers in dealing with the public (especially in handling of emotionally disturbed persons or disorderly individuals). This added personal protection will protect our members and their families from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.

Once again let me express my gratitude for the generous donation of PPE for the safety of our members.


Assistant Chief Stephen J. Hughes
C.O. Patrol Borough Manhattan South
New York City Police Department