Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #520
Gramercy Park West, Gramercy Park East, Lexington Avenue and Irving Place to be repaved!
Gramercy Park West potholes
Street Closures for night work
Wed 3/26 5PM - Thurs 3/27 5AM

Please be advised
Loud noise from equipment to be expected throughout the process

No Parking - Tow Away Zone  
"No Parking" signs are now posted. Cars parked in these areas during times listed above will be relocated to a legal parking space.  If your car has been towed, call Jets Towing 718-251-7200.

The Gramercy Park Block Association has enjoyed a productive working relationship for many years with NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Manhattan Borough Commissioner Margaret Forgione.  This has resulted in many measures to improve traffic mobility, reduce congestion, and rehabilitate and maintain the streets around Gramercy Park. 


Last fall, the DOT Roadways Division repaved Gramercy Park South and Gramercy Park North. We requested that they also repave the other streets surrounding Gramercy Park.
This Wednesday March 26th, in preparation for repaving, the DOT will return to mill (remove the surface of) Gramercy Park West, Gramercy Park East, Lexington Avenue (Gramercy Park North to 23rd St) and Irving Place. 
As of now, repaving is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15th.
Special thanks go to our dear friend and Gramercy Park neighbor Ken Garschina, who for the past few years has been strongly advocating for this project.
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