Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #313
Sewer Collapse on Gramercy Park South -- Update

February 19, 2013  

Photo by Sean Brady

In response to many inquiries, GPBA Quality of Life Committee Chair Sean Brady and I have been meeting on a regular basis with the ConEd crew working on the collapsed sewer line on Gramercy Park South.  There was talk this morning that they may be cutting back from three crews working round the clock, to one crew working primarily in the daytime. This should be good news to many of our neighbors who are complaining that they cannot sleep at night because of the construction noise and bright lights shining into their windows.

Construction Work Update


The collapsed sewer line has been excavated and it will be repaired by the end of this week.  The original line was a brick vault 4' wide and 4' tall, built in the 1800's and similar to the one pictured.  It will be replaced with pre-cast cement pipes. Once the new sewer line is in place, ConEd will re-lay the gas, water and electrical lines that run above the sewer line.  This will probably take an additional week. 


Stay tuned for future updates.

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