May 16, 2019 dataharvest

Annette Green in The New Yorker: A Grande Dame of the Perfume Industry Turns Ninety-Five

“You may not know Annette Green’s name, but if you have ever worn perfume, shopped for perfume, or enjoyed the scent of someone else’s perfume, you have likely been touched by her long and remarkable career. For more than forty years, she worked at the Fragrance Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the perfume industry in the United States. As the executive director and, later, the president, she did more than perhaps any other figure to shape the trajectory of the modern fragrance industry. She also launched the first American fragrance-museum collection, which includes hundreds of bottles dating back to the eighteenth century, and established the FiFi Awards, in 1973, which have become something like the Oscars of perfume. Still spry, sharp, and wickedly funny, Green today is something of a grande dame of the industry.

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